Taicang trip gathering. (actually didn’t call everyone mainly those who helped me for a event) #throwback

Done with my last event before going tekong. (at Raffles Country Club)

Thanks guys for coming hehehe. Especially to @siminleona @weisingly @jjinster and @twybryan who came for consecutive years. @joannefanne @yeeehong hope this is a good experience for you and thank you for coming despite living in the north east area. (at Raffles Country Club)

The blos of S2 haha. (couldn’t find afifi) (at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Convention Centre)



ISCM class 2. 3 years of poly life with you guys had been a ‘miserable’ one. I think the guys are too girly and the some girl are too man. HAHAHA! JOKING JOKING READ TILLTHE END! Honestly speaking, you guys are great and wonderful. We been through hard and good times together. You guys are still in my heart even though I always went missing Hahah. (at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Convention Centre)

The ‘ladies’ in my poly life xD.
@joannefanne and @yeeehong are my gossip partners since our very first ‘half-class’ outing to Sentosa. I know you always call me uncle but whatever. @seriniminimini the dajie of the class for being the oldest, you always been a great listener ear. @nanomeee I hope we can sit down one corner and scold that particular lecturer for a few hours. @rxchxlng rmb the time when we spent 6 days & nights in school for BAOC & GEM Camp? Real fun time and memorable :D (at Ngee Ann Polytechnic Convention Centre)