As usual, you’re there for my little milestones in life. (at The Floating Platform at Marina Bay)

Had a mini celebration at Raffles country club today.

Happy 21 birthday @edwintsy. Virgo boy Once again, Sorry for coming late. I know this year’s birthday is quite a harsh one as we’re going BMT, unable to party together like old times. Do stay in contact OK haha.

Happy 21st birthday @wenhhui. It feels weird to see you, 21 now, my ‘one day older look alike brother’ as I still rmb how you treated my face as ur basketball during sec 1, how I always pull ur chair trying to make you fall down in class and now, We are both grown man, going through BMT. HAHAHA…. TIME FLIES and it waits for no one! Cherish those around you and never lose contact with me Bro. Anyway hope you really got surprised when we were there :D (at SAF Changi Seaview Resort)

Happy belated 21st @bananamuffins. Sorry didn’t get to wish you on your actual date of birth. Was in tekong with very limited time and bad phone reception. Anyway, all of us had fun meeting up over at your party last night. Food’s good company’s great. Thanks for inviting me and the rest Hahaha. Wish your well in your future endeavours and hope your tai tai dream come true soon. (at Treehouse Villa)

Happy 21st birthday @gcaq. Hope you had fun during your party the other day. Knowing you since we’re kids, I’m glad that we didn’t drift apart to the extent of no contact. I wish you well in your future endeavours. :D (at D’Kranji Farm Resort)